• Date: Sat 22 September 2018
  • Kick-off: 14:00
  • Venue: Broadwood Stadium (Cumbernauld)


M. McNiff 17"

D. Goodwillie 37"

M. McNiff 40"

A. Belmokhtar 67"

4 - 1
Elgin City

Elgin City

J. Lowdon 45"

Clyde vs Elgin City

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Team Lineups


B. Currie
K. Nicoll
A. Love
S. Rumsby
J. Rankin
M. McNiff 17"40"
B. Cuddihy
M. Lamont
R. Grant
C. McStay
D. Goodwillie 37"
A. Belmokhtar > A. Love 64"67"
R. Lyon > J. Rankin 75"
T. Lang > B. Cuddihy 81"
D. Cogill
J. Stewart
K. Duffie
M. McGee

Elgin City

K. Gourlay
D. McHardy
M. Cooper
B. Cameron
J. McGovern
J. Lowdon45"
C. Beattie
S. Miller
R. Omar
G. Morrison
D. Wilson
S. Sutherland > S. Miller 49"
C. McLeish > G. Morrison 74"
J. McGowan > D. McHardy 82"
D. Byrne
K. Hay
R. Farquhar
T. McHale